Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter... it's here.

"He Is Always By My Side", Photo by Jean Smith

"People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy." Anton Chekov

"Sun In The Sky", Photo by Jean Smith

Wow... that hit's close to the core for me.  I have a few books that I like to look in for quotes that fit with my writing for the day... and this is the one that stuck out to me! God works through anything when allowed!  Well, I am happy... it's the first day of winter, and as you all know my saying, this is my personal count down to Spring... that's how I make this a happy day for me.

"Peony", Photo by Jean Smith

There is a covering of soft, wet glistening snow on the ground this morning.... I guess that's appropriate for today with it being the first day of winter. The wind is howling and whipping and I guess that fits too.. We'll have the shortest amount of sunshine today, but from here on in, the days will grow longer, the sun will move closer and each day it will feel warmer on our faces... until all too soon, my Spring will come. 

"Spring Beauty", Photo by Jean Smith
 Happiness... what makes you happy?  Of course flowers for me... among other things... but today I am focusing on flowers.  I guess I am going to do something a bit different with Wren again... a photo essay of flowers... I hope you enjoy all the magnification photo's I took this past summer in my gardens... and to see how the Son makes me happy...

"Perfection Didn't Just Happen", Photo by Jean Smith
Come winter, I'll still have my sunshine!  It doesn't really matter if the sun is shining outside if we have the Son shining on the inside... but today, I still want to focus on flowers... He gave those to me!
"His Heart Bleeds", Photo by Jean Smith
Until next time

"Simple Beauty", Photo by Jean Smith

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