Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rocking my little boy...

"Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord." Psalms 127:3

I was rocking Aaron this morning and just cuddling with him. He'd been whiny and just wanted to be held... so up in my arms with blankie we went to mamma's rocking chair... and of course all was well then.  He fell asleep in short order and I told Taylor I didn't think he was feeling very well, after all he had just had the stomach flu a few days before... Taylor laughed and told me I was just making excuses for him! "Well," I thought... "maybe I am."  

Aaron is just two and he is still so sweet and innocent... but he is also very manipulating, as most children are.  It doesn't take long for a new born child to realize that when he cries or screams he/she gets attention... whether it be food, a clean diaper or simply to be held and rocked, they know how to get what they want. As our children grow older into toddler-hood they are still in the process of being trained by parents or training their parents. Either way, some training is going on! Younger children definitely know how to hold onto a parents heart strings and woo with their sweet  smiles or sorrowful tears.

What happens when the child is in control though? I would say much frustration and exasperation are more often felt over the child then feelings of peaceful joy. Children are a job and one not to be taken lightly. We as Christian parents need to prayerfully seek the Lords leading and wisdom in this challenging role.  As many of you know our family you know we are in most stages of the 'parenting game', and challenged we are.  It is difficult to know when to scold and when to overlook... when to punish and when to understand... But God is with us when we seek Him and His wisdom.  We need to remember that these children are not really our own... they are His, loaned to us for a short time... a time to raise them for Him... to train them for His glory.

"Brighten your day and lighten your way and lessen your cares with daily prayers.  Quiet your mind and leave tension behind and find inspiration in hushed meditation."  Helen Steiner Rice.

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