Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"What a wonderful life I've had! I only wish I'd realized it sooner!" Collette

What a thought provoking statement... I wonder how many people at some point or another think this very statement.

There are people out there that have had some tragic things happen to them in their lives... things I can't imagine in my wildest nightmares.  I personally know some folks who have endured such horrible instances that it makes my skin crawl. To think that any human being could do to another person some of the evil things that happen doesn't seem possible... it  doesn't seem real... except to the victims... it is very real to them.  There is a sadness and despair that must be overwhelming at times... life is not so wonderful.

Then there are those who 'seem' to have been born with a silver spoon in their mouths... everything always goes their way, life treats them seemingly fair, there don't seem to be a whole lot of bumps in the road... but there still seems to be a sadness and something missing. 

We hear about healing and therapy and yes all this is well and good and most definitely necessary. Often times I have heard people say that a loving God would never allow these kinds of things to happen.  I always say that it is not His perfect will for such horrific instances to happen but we live in world that is filled with sin; He has given us all a free mind to make choices and act accordingly... unfortunately sometimes bad people hurt good people...

But God is there for each hurting soul... every person that has suffered He is waiting with outstretched arms, waiting to heal and bound up the broken hearted... He is faithful and loving as we cast all our cares upon Him, for He careth for us...  He want's us to be able to say we've had a wonderful life... with Him.  Don't delay, He is waiting.

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