Thursday, July 12, 2012

Roses and Diamonds

"I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck."  Emma Goldman

I love roses... they remind me of my grandmother and my mother. My grandmother loved roses and had many that adorned our yard.  My mother now has many as well that dance on her fences and create a beauty that is car stopping.  I have in turn also fell in love with roses, especially climbers.  I have almost a dozen of them plus several shrub bushes as well.  A rose is truly unique... a Christian's life is often referred to as a bed of roses... I think it is a beautiful analogy.  A rose is beautiful and yet at the same time can inflict terrible pain.  The Christian life is like that... it is filled with beautiful things like the love of Jesus, forgiveness, long suffering, quiet devotional moments with the Lord, the blessing of being able to gather in a fold and the  sweet fellowship that comes with it.  Yet there are also the thorns in this walk... temptations, looking to the past, hurtful events and many other snares from the wicked one. 

The rose has the sweetest scent... as I pass by my roses and the breeze softly blows, I enjoy the musky and spicy aromas... I close my eyes and imagine Heaven and what it must be like... peace and happiness... no one is mean or sick and there is only love and kindness.  I am sure roses abound there... It is like that when we have fellowship with the Lord... it is sweet and kind.  He is ever there looking over us, walking and talking with us...  The song say's that Heaven will be worth it all.  I believe that... if only this life wasn't so prickly.  But it's OK, because He knows...

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