Saturday, June 16, 2012

God's Children

"We are all god's children and He loves us, every one.  He freely and completely forgives all that we have done, asking only if we're ready to follow where He leads, content that in His wisdom He will answer all our needs."  Helen Steiner Rice

Forgiveness is a gift that we can receive if we ask for it.  Yet we are not always 'asked' for this by someone that may have offended or hurt us.  Forgiveness is required on our part whether or not it is asked for. What happens though to our peace of mind when forgiveness is not given?  Typically we are the ones that lose out on peace and happiness in our life... it goes back to that root of bitterness that I mentioned the other day.   It is sad to see people who have clung to hurts & wrongs done to them over their lifetime... their faces often show that pain and lose. 

But it doesn't have to be this way... no not at all.  God's grace is always there to help us through the hurt, the lose... all He asks is that we trust and follow Him.  He is ever faithful and full of grace...  If we can but look at the hurts and pains as a means to draw us closer to Him...a way  to let all those around see His grace in us... a way to build our trust and faith... a drawing closer to Him...what a testimony that can be!  No, it is not always easy... we are human and sometimes the hurts are so deep.  That is why we must look to Him everyday for everything.  He will never lead us astray... He only means good to His children.

Trust in Him and He will see you through,
Until next time,


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