Sunday, June 17, 2012


"Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home..." J.H. Payne

Home is where the heart is... home is a place that should be a relief from the cares of the world... the noise and the hussell and bussell of life...  home is where we create memories, whether good or bad... home is important.  When our children get home from school and it's been a hard day, do they feel the warmth and understanding of mother, is there a nice treat, is there peace for their weary soul?  When our spouse comes home from a day where things just didn't go as planned, are there inviting arms with a hug and 'it's gonna be OK?' Home should be the place where each family member comes and can relax after a tiring day. 

This is the ideal setting...  but we live in a real world where  there and ups and downs to each family members life.  We try to be pleasant and cherry, but we've got a splitting head ache and life wasn't fair today.  Such is life, as I always say...

How do I deal with the head ache and the bad day... do my children hear all the complaints of the trash not being taken out, another broken glass, clothes not picked up, the list goes on and on... do I make excuses for my behavior or use their behavior for an excuse? I am sure most of us can say that both these setting's take place in our home's.  We would be liars to say otherwise... but back on yesterdays note on apologies.  When we have those bad days and don't react like we should or want to, a simple "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be grumpy" goes a long way, especially with children. When we can admit we were wrong and not make excuses for our behavior or theirs for that matter, they will see us set that example, they will learn to apologize and accept responsibility for their own actions as well. When our children come to us we too need to be there with a willing and open heart to their 'I'm sorry's'... such is LOVE!

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