Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A ray of hope....

I am in the greenhouse almost everyday now seeding some of the wonderful things that will grace our market tables and our CSA members shares this summer.  Spring is only eleven more days away and this Sunday is Daylight Savings.  I love both these days.... you can just feel the sun growing closer and warmer, the air has a new smell to it, and the birds just seem to be happier.  It's like everything in nature knows that renewed life will soon be bursting forth... the tree's will bud, baby animals will start appearing in the fields with mothers, the grass will start to green... Spring is a time of birth and life... I think that is what I love so much about it.  I can overlook the mud, except when it comes in the house <smile>, the drabness of the fields around don't seem so daunting any longer, because Spring is on the way. Spring gives everything another chance in a way.  We all need another chance it seems... we fail and fall short of who we want to be and the goals we attempt to set for ourselves.  But there is grace for all who seek it...

Each day offers a new hope to all who open their eyes though.  We have the opportunity to make someone smile, to laugh, to encourage a weary friend as well as to shine a light for Jesus.  What we decide to do with each day is truly our own personal decision.

Until next time,

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