Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Laughter Of A Child

"We find in the beauty and happiness of children that makes the heart too big for the body." Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have heard it once said that the laughter of a child in a home is the light of the house... I like that.  We have a lot of sounds going on in our home as I am sure all that know our family can imagine!  As parents we come to know most of the sounds and their meanings, like a scream of joy & exhilaration as opposed to the scream of 'he took my toy' or 'my hand is bleeding like crazy'!  Laughter and joy is so much nicer than the typical quarreling that can take place amongst siblings.  I am an only child, Neil is the youngest of six- three boys & three girls.  I don't always get the quarreling  and it gets to me sometimes, where Neil is more laid back and say's that is normal~ to a certain degree that is.  But to say the least, both Neil & I enjoy the laughter a lot more! 

It is such a joy to see all the children playing pitch & catch out in the yard laughing and having fun, or playing a board game enjoyably, working on a puzzle together or even working in the kitchen making a batch of soft pretzels.  This brings a smile to my face... It doesn't bother me that I am an only child, it really never has, but I am glad that our children have each other.  I always try to instill in their hearts that some day they are all going to get along, for the most part.  I look forward to the days of family get together's as they, Lord willing, have families of their own and come for visits.  Life is so short and each day hold's new dreams and desires.  Make the most of each day you are blessed with.

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