Friday, May 18, 2012

Got Mud?

Mud is a big factor around here in the spring, one we all can get a bit frustrated with. Taylor bought a sign that says 'got mud?' at a flea market last spring which now hangs in our back entry.  This is where we typically all come into the house. She is often the one that 'get's' to clean the back entry, so she felt very justified in putting this question out to, um, should I say 'the men of the house'.  The big boys do have this chore at least once a week, but they do all the outside in the cold chores and Taylor & I 'get' to do the warm & cozy inside chores.  Yes, I do mean 'get to'.  Here we go on perspective again.  I would never want to do Neil & the boys chores~ not any day of the week.  They 'get' to feed & water the hogs, clean pen's & put fresh bedding down, cut firewood, haul the trash out to the dumpster and do what I believe to be the 'hard' jobs.  Taylor & I get to do what I refer to as the 'cooshy' jobs, like cooking meals in a warm & cozy home, wash dishes with warm water, do laundry in a warm laundry room, rock the baby in a soft rocking chair with a soothing cup of coffee, flipping through magazines or a good book.  I am so thankful that Neil & boys enjoy their jobs and they in turn I believe are thankful we enjoy ours.  Now don't get me wrong, Neil & the boys also love to be in the kitchen, can & do switch loads of laundry, sweep floors, set & clear dinner tables, wash & put dishes away.  My men are very resourceful! Now, Taylor & I 'could' also load & unload fifty pound hog feed bags, run the tractor and clean pens~ if we really had too~ but thankfully Neil never asks me to do any of those things :-) !

The key here is that there are things that each of 'need's to do to help the others.  We are a team and need to work together to get 'all' the jobs done. 

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