Sunday, May 20, 2012

Who do we take for granted?

I am reading a book right now called "A Three Dog Night", a memoir by Abigale Thomas.  It is a true story about a lady whose husband had taken their dog for a walk and was suddenly hit by a car. He was left with a head injury that would leave him in a 'present moment' state of mind for the rest of his life, not quite seven years.  He was moved to a home for rehabilitation but would never be the man that he once was.  The story is moving and it has opened my eyes to some things.  So often our spouses may cause us some irritations, bumps in the roads that life will always have no matter what. During these moments of irritation, we should look at that person and think what life would be like if they were suddenly taken without a moments notice. I know several others that have had loved ones snatched away without being able to say good bye as well as others who have had long illnesses that time allowed wounds to be healed, apologies to be made and last hugs to be given. Not all have this blessing.

Today, maybe we could each look at those around us and think of life without them.... Not on any of those heated moments where life 'seems' like it would be easier without them. But think on the much more often 'happy moments'.... where laughter has been shared, goals were made, dreams of the future were drawn on imaginary papers, walks that have been taken hugs that have been given and tears that have been cried out of joy....  Here is perspective again.... So often I think it is easier to focus on the few bad things rather than all the good.
I can change that in my life and so can you.

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