Wednesday, May 23, 2012


"Talent is God given. Be humble.  Fame is man given. Be grateful. Conceit is self given. Be careful." John Wooden

I was washing my hands and I suddenly noticed that the knobs to a cabinet door were off and they along with the screws were laying neatly on the floor beside it.  Evan :-) .  He is 4 1/2 years old and is always looking at things and trying to figure how to take them apart. Ethan our soon to be 13 year old
was always taking things apart when he was little as well. Ethan is our all around go-to guy when something mechanical needs repaired~ he & Neil work very well together when doing repairs.  Ethan has always been able to just look at something for a bit, and then figure out how it is put together and works.  He is very handy!  I don't think Ethan or Evan even think about the things they are able to do, they just do them.  I think that is part of being humble.  Yesterday Ethan & Neil repaired one of the hinges on my potting shed door, put a new 'handle' on it and Ethan later repaired the latch.  I was very appreciative for his help and I think he was grateful~ at least his smile seemed to say so.  After all, he was in the shed shop working on the trailer he is building with Evan :-) .   Neil & I  bought him one of those  plastic engine kits for his 10th birthday. He & Neil worked at this together, it was really neat because it worked with batteries. Ethan doesn't seem to take a lot of notice to his talent. I think it is because he has always been encouraged to be creative with it. If you went through the shop you would understand what I am saying. 

Each of us has been given a talent from God~ how we use it will depend on our blessings. To His glory or to our own.

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