Sunday, April 29, 2012

I saw a mouse in the green house today and to say the least I was not impressed.  I don't mind bugs, most anyway and I can handle bats, so long as they are outside and not in the house.  I say that from experience.  When we purchased our home it had been empty for over a year and had become  'home' to many a critter I would rather not dwell with!  Anyway, Neil and our friend were in the basement putting in new water lines for our outdoor wood boiler furnace when suddenly they heard kind of a peeping.  The house had no heat in it previously, (we bought in February) and some 'dormant' things were starting to stir.  Our friend does not like bats.  Neil & Gary looked at each other and started looking around, upward.  To their surprise and dismay, they discovered an entire group of bats piled upon each other,  about 20 or so.  OK, this was not good, they were warming up and were starting to wiggle.  Neil and Gary grabbed a few things that were immediately handy and started swatting.  They were able to smoosh the group and go on with their work.

I am sure you are thinking , "What in the world does this have to do with love?"  Well if you knew Gary you would understand the 'love' involved here.  Gary's wife is the 'bat killer' at their house.  But in Gary's defense he kills the mice!  We live in the country and we get the occasional unwanted 'house guest' that finds it way in. 

Love can be had in many forms... a kind word, a smile or hug,  a gift or favor~ or a 'deed' as was such in this case.  Let us love one another...

Until next time,

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