Monday, April 30, 2012


"The word impossible is not in my dictionary."  Napolean

I wasn't really feeling very well today~ sore throat, kind of tight chest, sneezing and runny noes.  Tea was my choice of drink today.  I thought how much I wanted to go out to the greenhouse, but just couldn't muster up the energy to 'just' go.  So, I didn't go.  Such is life. Tuesday will be here soon enough.

Challenges present themselves in all shapes & sizes in this life we live. Life can be so demanding at times that when we look at a situation we may be faced with, impossible seems the only answer.  We all face things that slow us down or require a serious change in plans.  What do we do when trials arise?  Do we shut down... do we get angry at the world... do we just throw up our hands and give up...  Everyone handles things differently~ I guess this could go back to a positive or negative thinking mind set. These types of situations are when I am so thankful that I can turn my eyes heavenward and send up a quiet prayer.  I know He hears and cares, even when He seems silent.   All things are allowed in life to better us, to draw us closer to Him.  If you don't know Him, today is the day!

"With God all things are possible..."

Until next time,

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