Sunday, April 1, 2012

happy or sad?

Life is full of up's and downs wouldn't you agree?  It is for us anyway.  Are you ever somewhere and notice a sullen or sad looking person and just wonder what's wrong?  really wrong, inside.... I do.  Then there are the grumpy people, who make it harder to 'want' to wonder.... but again there is something inside that is just sad & lonely I think.  Some days I look outside and the sky is grey and stormy and that is the way life can get to be.  But you know, there is always something good to look at too.  At least we have eyes to see the grey, stormy sky; and we are able to hear the wind howling; and we can feel the the warm blanket that covers us; we can sing a song; we can so many things!  Again I am looking at perspective here.  There is always the one who says my cup is 'half empty" and the other that says my cup is 'still half full'.  Perspective is the key to a happy disposition, but I can honestly say that when the trials in life do arise, it is because I can turn to the One that loves me and truly cares when I am sad.  He 'is' there for everyone....

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