Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sunshine and birdies and piggies and little boys...

The sun was shining today and as Evan & I were sitting talking over a snack I asked him if he wanted to go for a walk to the green houses while the baby was sleeping.  His eyes got big & happy and of course he did, he loves to be outside!  So we put some jackets on and went out hand in hand... 

 I was hoping I would be able to pick some fresh kale, but it appears that the chickens must have got in there and stripped all the leaves off of all the plants in the raised beds- slightly frustrating! But it was still a beautiful day to be walking hand in hand with my little boy. So we meandered over to the green house, I opened the door and uggg, the pigs had got out earlier and decided to go for a little jaunt through and literally turned over every pot (thousands) and tray (again thousands) that 'were' so neatly stacked under all  three rows of tables down the entire 48' of it.... what a mess!  But it was still a beautiful day to go for a walk with Evan. 

Frustrations in life will come, but when there is Jesus in the heart and your holding hands with the most adorable little four year old in the whole wide world, it's OK.

Until next time,

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