Friday, March 30, 2012

Creative Listening.... now there is a concept!

There are constant sounds going on around all of us most of the time.  Some we want to hear and others we wish we could block out.  Whether it is in our place of employment, the 'farmer's' market, a park or in the place we call home, there is usually some sound.  I know for me as a mother of six, I often have, shall I say 'creative listening'.  My grandma use to call it 'Selective Hearing' with regards to my grandpa!  Well I guess I have acquired that skill too, which ever you want to call it.  I know the sound of the shrill scream that means disaster or fire ambulance siren in the midst of a game,  most mom's & dad's do. But what about when the neighbor is relaying a not so interesting story  (for the umpteenth time) or a friend is being whiny (again) or one of the children are trying to describe something not that interesting, what do I do? Here is where in my life I try to apply that golden rule, do unto others as I would have them do unto me.  It isn't always easy, but Christs love in my heart can make things happen. 

Today and everyday may we be a friend to the weary, a 'creative listener' to the lonely and a light to shine the way,
until next time,

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