Friday, March 30, 2012

The Dandelion...

I was snuggled in on the couch with baby Aaron and a cup of coffee and I all of a sudden noticed something yellow on the lawn.  A dandelion.  I usually sigh in the Spring when these burst out everywhere, but this time it was rejuvenating and warm!  I was blessed with a splash of color in this colorless winter world.  What a difference 'perspective' makes! 

Speaking of perspective I am always harping on Neil & the boys for tracking in mud .... I know that probably shocks some of you, (LOL)!  Anyway, I was on the computer checking emails & making labels for this weekend and Neil brings me his devotional and says (with an innocent smile) 'read this when you have time'.  So of course I stopped and read it.  It was on perspective!  A widow had recently remarried another farmer and was having  several other 'farmer's wives' over for afternoon tea.  In walks the 'new' husband tracking mud all over the kitchen floor.  After returning out of doors (and leaving the mud)  a few of the wives said they would shoot their husbands if they did that in their kitchens.  The newly married  widow said she use to always harp on her deceased husband for doing the same thing, but then when he was suddenly killed in a farm accident and saw only the empty boots at the back door, she often wished for that mud to be tracked on the floor. 
Oh for wisdom....

until next time,

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