Friday, March 30, 2012

"Blessed are those that see beautiful things in humble places"

What is humble?  Can we find something humble in our everyday life... something so small and meager that no one would really ever notice it...  but you, in the smallness of life grasp this thing...
Life in it's fullness is truly humble if we can see beauty in things like the wing of a bird lifted up on the wind, or in the veins of a leaf, or the smile of a small child.  Intricacy and humility can be found in all these things simply because they call out to their maker God... Today we had some friends over to cut up their beef that they had raised the past year.  This will fill their freezer and feed their family until next fall.  It was so nice to be able to share our new butcher shop with good friends and just 'help'.  Over the last few weeks of getting our winter market set, we have received much 'help' from friends of the market!  What a humbling experience to be given out of love and a sheer desire to help.  Each of them giving of their time and resources, just because.... I hope that we can show that kind of love back to those we meet in the everyday that we call life.

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