Sunday, January 20, 2013

Reaping and Sowing

"And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes..." Rev. 21:4a

So often when my heart is failing with the heaviness that is before me, the Lord will give me verses like this. I love to think of them as 'God Whispers'... whispers that He fills my heart with... hopes that He promises... joys to be had.  God is often thought of as some great punisher to the wicked, and yes there will be a reaping and a sowing... but God is filled with mercy... each new day is a gift from Him, another day to choose to follow Him. 

Today in church the message was on reaping and sowing, a very thought provoking message indeed.  The theory of reaping and sowing is apparent in all of our lives everyday.  If we plant a watermelon seed, we expect to harvest watermelons... sow & reap. If we speed past a police car, we are more than likely going to receive a speeding ticket... sow & reap.  Life is filled with everyday choices that we need to make decisions about. These decisions can have far reaching consequences~ either positive or negative depending on what choice was made.

Oftentimes I try to teach the children these types of lessons with everyday activities or chores. For example this summer Ryan was asked to help me harvest all the sunflower heads out of the back field.  Some of you who have been to market got to see these beautiful 'bird feeders' and took them home to feed your own birds.  Ryan was reluctant at first because it was a very laborious task.  There were about a hundred stalks around an acre and half field. After I explained to him that he would get to keep one forth of the heads to sell at market and told him the potential income his interest grew... sowing & reaping. A true life lesson for a ten year old boy- hard work does pay off. The other reward to this work has been to watch all the cardinals, chickadees, woodpeckers and other birds come right to the front porch to eat off these sunflower heads. 

God sees all we do... nothing is in secret... we will reap what we sow, be it good or bad.  God is a faithful Father, one that loves to heal his children from their broken heartedness... one that sees each tear. Friends will fail us... family members will hurt us... we will experience disappointments, but He will never fail us as we reach out to Him. He will never leave nor forsake you...

"Faith is not hoping God can, it is knowing He will." Unknown

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