Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Heart Of A Child

"Father and mother are the most precious jewels to children as children are the most precious jewels to father and mother." Philippine proverb

"I want you to be proud of me..." say's my little Evan as he is working at zipping up his jacket.  You see he just learned this task that we adults pretty much take for granted.  He was so pleased with himself and wanted so badly for me to be as thrilled... and so came those precious, innocent words. His big blue eyes just shining with excitement... then a bit of frustration because it wasn't going so well suddenly, and then back to joy when the thing finally went up... about two minutes of labor!  Now that doesn't sound like a long time but seriously, just sit and look at a zipper for two full minutes... it's a long time...even more so for a five year old.

After all this he scampered outside just as happy as could be to where Neil & Kyle were cutting firewood to help.  He is such a big, cheerful helper... he is not content with just running the lever on the log splitter, no he wants to haul the firewood and stack it!  He want's his dad to be proud of him...

This is such human nature isn't it? We all want to feel appreciated and liked... to have friends that care for us... There is nothing wrong with this, it is natural and well meant.  We are by God's design created to be 'together', not alone.  Even the Bible talks about not forsaking the gathering together... God want's us to be together in our church services... God designed the family... He gave Eve to Adam so he wouldn't be alone...

Today as we look around at the ones we love, let us be thankful for what we have...

"You are the trip I did not take, You are the pearls I did not buy, You are my blue Italian lake, You are my piece of foreign sky." Anne Campbell

Until next time,

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