Saturday, November 24, 2012

Stumble and Pray

"They that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing."  Psalm 34:10

When our children started taking their first steps they would stumble and fall and we would keep encouraging them on... "keep trying... good job... yup, do it again..." are things that we would say.  They would stumble often at first and then before we knew it they were running and we were saying, "Stop running in the house!"  We didn't want them to fall and hurt themselves, yet we knew that was all part of the process... we would be close enough to catch them so they didn't hurt themselves as we guided them along... hands outstretched behind them as they toddled forward.   How time flies and as we look back onto those happy days when they were little and learning we can see other times when they fell... learning to ride a bike and ice skating to name a couple.  Oh how our hearts ached when all of a sudden, THUD! But again... all part of the learning process.

As adults we too stumble and fall... we have days where we fail... days we wish we could erase from time and memories... but that isn't possible with humans... but it is with God. As we repent for our failings and look unto Him for forgiveness He is there... The Bible says that God loves a broken and contrite heart.  Each day is a new day and with that new day we have Christ by our side guiding our way.  How it aches our Heavenly Father when we go THUD! The key is prayer... stumble and pray... stumble and pray... He will lead the way... all part of the learning process.

Do we call out to the Lord when we stumble or do we sit there awhile and wallow in our failings?  The latter is not what the Lord would want from us... He desires us to look up to Him immediately, reaching up for His hand to pick us up.  But you say, there is no hand... Yes my friend there is... the hand is His Word... God's precious promises are all found there... but we must turn to it... feed on it. Then and only then can we have peace... only there can we find it. When we stumble and fall friends, get up! Reach for His word and seek His help.  Oh how precious it is when He presses upon your heart to go to a certain scripture and there is the answer or the hope you were longing for .... only in prayer... only in supplication can it be found...

"Prayer is an indispensable part of our relationship with Jesus Christ." Laurel Oke Logan

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