Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Sun Is Shining!

"The silent stars in timeless skies, the wonderment in children's eyes, The autumn haze, the breath of spring, The chirping song the crickets sing, a rosebud in a slender vase... are all reflections of God's grace." Helen Steiner Rice
As I look outside into the front garden all the Teddy Bear Sunflowers are looking right back at me with such happy sunflower faces.  I always say sunflowers just look happy... so do pansies for that matter.  Flowers bring happiness... they just can't help it.  Last week I got a beautiful a beautiful bouquet from a dear friend for my birthday... it sits on my desk reminding me of her unconditional love and friendship towards me each day...

I think it is so sweet when one of the little boys brings me a bouquet of just picked posies... bouquet hid behind back and a sheepish little smile on that sweet little face... and then 'surprise' a beautiful bouquet for mommy. Taylor too will often surprise me with a beautiful arrangement to adorn our home. When you walk into a home and there are flowers there to greet along with the hostess, it just seems cozy.  Our homes need to have that 'cozy' feeling for our family members along with our guests who come by.  I have said before the home should be a safe haven and place of rest to those who call it 'home'.

The sun is shining today... the sky is big and blue... the August morning is crisp and clear... the birds are chirping praise to their maker, God... the dew on the grass is a refreshing change from the previous dry heat... it's going to be a beautiful day... Praise the Lord!

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