Monday, September 3, 2012


"And be ye kind one to another..." Ephesians 4:32a

As a professing Christian I believe that it is of utmost importance that I show the love of Christ in my heart through my attitudes, actions and words.  If I want to be a proper witness to my husband, children, friends and strangers, I need to be able to have that love reflecting in all I say & do.  I understand fully that I will fail and that with those failings, repentance and apologies may be required.  I believe this is one way to show that love... admitting when I am wrong. 

Recently Evan has been enthralled with a certain story in one of our Bible story books about a little boy and showing kindness... "Kindness always comes back" is what we are reading.  Sometimes it's not easy to show kindness, especially when we have been hurt or had a wrong done to us... but Jesus teaches us otherwise.  When Aaron takes something away from Evan, and he gets cross, I like to remind him of this story and the kindness that will come back if he just talks to Aaron.  It is hard for this little, almost five year old to understand that statement... especially when his two year old brother just snatches his toy away. But kindness in words and deeds need to be shown so the character can be built while little.  It is a difficult lesson for children and adults alike, but one that will always reap what is sown.  Evan's natural human reaction is to retaliate and get even, it's his toy and he want's it back... but this is not the nonresistant life that we are looking to teach and live by.  I want the children to learn that it is better to give than to receive... that they need to turn the other cheek... to give their coat as well as their cloak... this is what Jesus taught... to love our enemies... to forgive...

Cheerfully showing the Lords kindness, long suffering and compassion will always be returned.

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