Friday, September 7, 2012

Great Faith

"If my faith, my belief, my confidence are in myself, then they cannot at the same time be resting in God!"  Tozer

What a statement by wise Tozer of old... what a statement to get a mind stimulated in thinking where our faith does rest... in my own imagined strength or in His perfect, unfailing strength...

The other day Taylor was going to get fuel in the truck... it was on fumes... but that is besides the point because I truly do believe that all things happen for a reason... both good and bad.  Well, she calls me to tell me that the truck started to sputter and she was still several miles from the closest gas station and so she prayed that God would just let her get to the gas station... suddenly the truck stopped sputtering and drove smoothly.  She made it to the station with no problems... on the wings of prayer. 

He always hears, especially those cries from His young children... the ones that He is trying to build that trust in... the babes that are still drinking milk... I was so blessed by this... another seed sprouted.

This feeling... when one of your children finds the faith... it's such a joy, an over whelming joy... It's in the keeping of it though... This is the building stage~ faith, trust and belief.  God want's it for each of us... He wants to show us that no matter what, He is there waiting with open arms to carry us through.  "Hold on," He says. "I will never leave nor forsake thee..."  What a precious promise that needs to be instilled in their young, tender hearts... How do we grow this precious seed in them when we fail so often and so hard sometimes?  That is my question in life... how?

By example He says... by example through humility and confession of our wrongs and mistakes... by the seeking of forgiveness and always giving forgiveness, whether sought after or not... by loving unconditionally... to apply all these things in our daily life is a challenge, but it can be done...
In His strength...

Until next time,


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