Tuesday, August 14, 2012

God made man...

"God made man in His own image and He keeps the longing after eternity and a desire after everlasting life there within the hearts of men."  Tozer 

I have always believed that people are in a constant inner battle... one where their soul and flesh are ever struggling against one another. The soul has a constant yearning to go back to Heaven from which it came while the flesh loves to indulge in the things of the world. 

When I read the above mentioned quote in one of my devotions I immediately thought about this... As parents we strive to teach our children right from wrong... we try to keep them out of harms way... we try to protect them from the dangers all around... we try to teach them to obey and be kind... we work at all these life lessons for a multitude of years until one day they go out into the world on their own.  Then we stand back and watch... what decisions will they make when mom and dad are not their telling them what they may and may not do? I believe that a child's heart want's to please it's father and mother and be obedient, but it's flesh wants what it wants... and so starts life's battle at such a young age.  As we grow older and realize our need for a Saviour we still have this battle... now it is us who earnestly longs to obey our Heavenly Father, but our flesh want's what it wants... hence the spiritual battle. 

In another recent devotion this statement was made,  "God created man with a God shaped void, and only God can fill that void."  Once we have experienced this feeling of the Holy Spirit filling it is such a complete and peaceful lifting of ones soul... words cannot describe.  Yet the spiritual battle rages on and we must strive to reach that Heavenly goal until one day we shall hear, "Well done my faithful servant, enter in..."

May we fight on victoriously,
Until next time,


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