Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tender Moments

"God often visits us, but most often times we are not home."  unknown

Last night I was going up to bed and I thought I was the only one still awake, but as I was walking down the hall to our bedroom I hear... "Mom...".  "What is it Ryan", I ask... Well it was raining very hard and had been since Thursday night with very little break.  Yesterday was off and on all day, but we got a lot of rain.  Ryan wanted to know if it was going to flood... so sweet and innocent.  You see, he is not the middle child but he is the middle boy... he is ten years old... the older boys are 13 & 12 and the little boys are just abut two and 4 1/2... so he really is at the in between age... not old enough for that and way too big for that. I will say though he is a wonderful babysitter for the little boy's when I need help and his big brothers always want him too play ball or hockey, what ever it may be with them... so he's not just left out.  But last night, the little boy in him was talking loudly to this mother heart... I went to him and asked him what God said about sending floods... he very wisely said that God promised not to flood the 'whole' earth again... smart boy! Anyway I asked him then, if God did send a flood would He look over us?  and of course he said, 'yes'.  I consoled his tender heart as best I could and told him to try to go to sleep... he did then. 

As I went to bed then I pondered this moment and I thought about how faithful our Heavenly father is, and when ever I am afraid or worried how He always lead's me to scripture to reassure me, or sends a poem through a friend... and sometimes I hear Him whisper quietly in my heart.... 'Fear not my child, I am with thee....'   My hearts prayer is that my heart and my childrens will always be open to hear that still small voice...

Until next time,

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