Thursday, July 26, 2012

Expectations and Thankfulness...

Life is filled with expectations that don't always pan out...

When we experience tribulations and trials what do we do?  Do we turn to the Lord, but when He doesn't answer us as quickly as we think He should or not quite how we wanted to we turn to ourselves... the world around.... God says in Isaiah that His ways are not our ways, and our time is not His... can we trust in that?  

When a child is born it is a demanding creature... it needs to be... it is totally dependent upon the caregiver for food, warmth and all of it's basic human needs.  It has to be able to let us know when it needs changed and is hungry... Children as they grow older still can be demanding and they still  have expectations.  They expect that when they wake up in the morning they are going to have clean clothes to put on, toothpaste to brush their teeth, warm water and soap to take a shower and a nice fuzzy towel to dry off with... then they will expect to have a nice breakfast waiting for them and of course a cheery 'good morning!'  Their lives are filled with expectations that are more than likely fulfilled  by their parents.  Younger children have no concept of how any of these things get there, they simply trust that they will be.  As they grow older they start to understand that dad and/or mom 'work' for all this stuff and hopefully are learning to not so much expect, but more appreciate and be thankful that the stuff is always there....

The teaching of this thankfulness can be the real job at hand... teaching children to understand how things are acquired needs to be shown through both example as well as practice on the parents part. 

It is like that as well with our Heavenly Father... in the beginning of our christian walk things are a bit easier and things come a bit more quickly. As we mature and we are not such babes in Christ, the trials become a bit more... this is to help us grow in trust and faith...  growing pains can be difficult, but we must believe 'that He will never give us anymore than we can bear and He will always make a way of escape for us...' 

Trust builds faith, faith builds trust,
Until next time,

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