Monday, June 11, 2012

To Be A Mother

"There's no job more noble on this earth, than to care for those whom we've given birth."

"Mommmmmm, he won't give me my toy!!!"  "Mommmmm he hit me!!!"  "Mommmmm, she's teasing me!!!!" And so goes the life of mommmmmm!  Well it's not always that bad is it?  There are the times when we hear, "Mom, know how much I love you?"... "Mom, thanks for getting me that piece of fabric".... "Man mom, this is so good... what is it?" 

Mother's resume would read quite elaborately; we are professional's in many areas. To name a few~ doctor and nurse at the same time, counselor in every field of life, sometimes a coach~ but I usually hand that job over to dad, seamstress~ that job usually gets handed over to Taylor, chef, organizer & planner, home decorator, gardener, I leave the lawn care up to fellows in the house, and of course teacher. 

I believe first and foremost we are teachers. Our children learn how to do most things in life from mother.  The first and most impressionable years for most young children are in the arms of mother.  This is where they learn to share, to be nice, get dressed and tie shoes, ABC's & 1,2,3's, colors, shapes and animals... all in the lap of mother.  There is a saying though, "More is caught then taught."  This is the challenge I feel as mother most often in my duties.  Sometimes I am grumpy and not always as nice as I truly want to be... sometimes I get frustrated more quickly than I would like to... sometimes I am just having a bad day and don't feel all that nice... what am I teaching them then?  I realize no one is perfect and we all have those bad days, but love must shine forward. These little people need to know we tried and that they are unconditionally loved, not only when they are good, but even when they are not so good.  Our Heavenly Fathers grace and forgiveness shines on us and we as parents must let that love shine through onto our children.  May the Lord give us grace to carry on and love them to Him...

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