Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Root Of Bitterness...

"When one maintains the root of bitterness, he takes in the poison while waiting for the other to die." 

This was a quote one of our ministers used this past Sunday at Church and it really stood out to me.  So often you will hear people saying that a person offended them by doing something, or they are holding on to a past hurt or a grudge.  This often saddens me because as I think on what they may be saying, in my mind I am thinking, "But you are only hurting yourself."  Most often times when folks hold on to such things, the supposed offender may not even know they had done something, or if they do, they are probably going on their merry way not thinking twice about it.

So what does one do when the hurts seem deep, the wounds are so clear in our minds... Look up, look up, look up.... Remember what He did for us... hanging on that cross, dying innocently.  Is any pain or hurt that we may be suffering from so deep as what Jesus suffered for us?  I think not...

Forgiveness is a choice.  It is the most pleasant, soul healing choice anyone can ever make in their life.  As we have the choice to accept Him as our Savior and experience that all healing grace, we too must choose to forgive our offenders.  Only when this happens can one experience the complete healing and peace that only He can offer.

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