Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Hard Day's Work...

I love working with my children.  The boys are hard workers, tilling, hoeing, weeding, planting, hauling wheel barrows of straw from the barn for me to mulch the beds.  I love my children, they bring a joy to my heart that only a mother can know...

Yesterday we planted another row of asparagus and a new patch of raspberries... how exciting to me. We mulched the grapes and one of the asparagus rows... Ryan and Evan picked up weeds to dump and Ethan tilled away... it was a good day! 

Taylor was with the youth yesterday in Chicago at The Museum of Science and Industry.  They were going to go into the coal mines... she was nervous... I don't blame her, you couldn't pay me to go into that thing... claustrophobia... no way!  I told her to use me as an excuse and say that I told her she wasn't allowed to go in... (I did try that) she is eighteen now, but I told her that she can always use me for an excuse whenever she doesn't want to do something.  I don't care if any of her friends like me or not... it is her that I care about.  It's not that I am  worried about her friends trying to get her to do bad things or her doing them... I just want her to know that my only concern is for her well being because I love her so much...

Isn't that what we as parents need to be for our children... their advocates right?  After all no one will ever love your child as much as you do... they will never know the depth of that love unless they have a child of their own.

But wait, there is One...  Have you ever thought about the depth of that love... I often think about God's love for me and the depth of His love... giving His only son to die such a horrible death as the cross... for me... what love, what unsearchable love the Father has bestowed upon me...  and you.

Until next time,

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