Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Grow old with me, the best is yet to be." Robert Browning

What a sweet notion... I bought one of those wooden saying signs with this quote on it years ago... and I still love it and what it says to my heart today.

Do you look into your spouses eyes and tell them you love them... say thanks for always trying to be there... thanks for being my friend... smile when you want to frown... give a hug and just say, "I love you for just being you"... life seems to move very quickly and tomorrow might not be there. 

As the years pass by we are making moments in time that will be remembered by some important people... our family.  Are they going to care what kind of car we drove... how many vacations we went on... how much money we made...  What will matter is the moments that we spent together as both family and individual time... real quality time... like going for walks in the woods... sitting by the campfire... just sharing our thoughts of what we like to do, a new book we just read... time to get to know what each of these precious children like and don't like... what their personal interests are. 

Husbands and wives need that time too... alone with no noise time... just me & you time...
Try to make that time... you'll never regret it.

Until next time,


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