Friday, June 1, 2012


"For every tree is known by his own fruit..." Luke 6:44

"True love has weak eyesight.  Faults are not seen and imperfections are not noted." adapted from "Forever in Love" published by Word Publishing. 

Forgiveness is not always as easy as one would hope it to be.  We think to ourselves, 'Well of course I forgive that person for such and such a thing, after all I am a Christian, right?'  Well, lets face it, we are also humans prone to do the 'wrong' things and it is always easier to preach than to practice.  But when we look deep into our hearts and try to discover what we are all about, it can be eye opening!

Children are a prime example of true forgivers.  It always amazes me how quickly children will move on after a pretty heated battle and think nothing of what just occurred.  I think that is why Jesus said that we are to be childlike in our faith.  Children just believe!  Children will quickly fly off the handle and then just as quickly land back down on the wings of peace.  Our four oldest children all set very good examples for me in the area of forgiveness... and I am very thankful for that.  I make a lot of mistakes and I too fly off the handle... but every time I go to apologize they are always very quick to forgive.  I think that is a character trait that needs to be continually fostered in their hearts and in our own.  I think that as they grow older and they can always see Neil & I ask for forgiveness from each other as well as them, it will help them to do the same when they become adults. 

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