Thursday, April 19, 2012

True Friends...

"The beauty of a true friend is that they look at you through the eyes of hope,not seeing the weeds, but the beautiful flowers that God is growing in the garden of our lives." author unknown

True friendship is a blessing that words cannot describe.  Anyone who is reading this and has or has had a friend that touched your life in a way that left footprints on your heart knows what I am saying. The kind of friend you can call with the most exciting news and they too will cheer.  Or call in tears and they will cry with you.  Friends are a gift and need to be treated as such.  I do believe that God places people in our lives for a reason.  I do not believe in chance for one second.  How do I embrace my friends and show my love for them?  My love language is Act's of Service and I think I probably tend to show love to others in the same way.  Little acts of kindness, small gestures to help- that sort of thing...  This week I am going to work a little harder at showing love, not just to my friends but to all those around.

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