Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Time & Examples....

It's amazing how time seems to go faster and faster.  I remember as a child 'older' people always saying, "Yup, the older you get the faster time seems to move."  I use to think that was just an 'old persons' saying.  I no longer believe that because now that I am an 'older' person I hear myself telling my children and others the very same thing.

Now I have an 18year old and an 18month old with a few in between!  Those of you who know us know all the in between's!  Yesterday Ryan was in the greenhouse with me and he seeded some Parsley as I did several other herbs.  He is already going to be 10 next month!  He is such a big helper and always willing with a smile, especially when I throw in $1.50 for helping :-) !  He's an entrepreneur and can see the value of earning, now I just have to teach him the value of saving.  Saving over time amounts to something, splurging for a quick smile amounts to very little.  The question I find myself often asking is how do I instill this in their 'joy for a moment' minds.  Taylor is definitely getting the concept and Kyle is starting to contemplate.  The others are shall I say a work in progress. I am a shopper to put it mildly so I guess the best way to teach is by example. 

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