Monday, April 16, 2012


The other day we talked about frenemy's, which in truth boils down to relationships.  In our life time we will have many relationships, some we will remember forever and others will fade with time.  Some we will want to forget while others will be cherished.  Relationships for the most part are dependent upon all persons involved.  Behavior is another key factor I do believe.  I always tell my children that if you want to have a friend then you need to be a friend.  This is true I guess to a certain degree because you may want to befriend someone that doesn't feel likewise. 

Relationships are made & lost everyday....  what do I do with my relationships in my household, place of work, in the grocery store line or in the restroom?  Yes I get approached even in the restroom.  Not to long ago we were at a restaurant and a very nice lady asked me if I was Amish.  I explained I was Mennonite and tried to explain the difference, briefly, remember I was in the restroom....  But anyway, I could have responded rudely with a 'don't bug me, I'm in the restroom' attitude or the way I felt I did- politely yet quickly.  The impressions we make will last with some people a long time and some only a brief moment.  But the impression I leave needs always to speak of Jesus' love...

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