Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Life is a Training Ground

"Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness."   Matthew 5:6

"There is no way that any of us can talk ourselves into getting a "longing for God." Spiritual desire and hunger must come from God Himself! It cannot be whipped up."  Tozer

This was a quote from one of my daily devotions today that struck me. As I thought on this I became so aware of how blessed that I am to have that desire deep within my soul.  So often I have felt as that hart on the mountainside panting after the water brook, my soul has longed after Him. 

I remember as a youth, before I would have been a professing Christian yet still knowing and fearing God, although in a different way... I had a longing for Him... I just didn't know how to get to Him.   I remember as a small child talking to Him in the storms. So childish was I when I would ask Him questions and ask Him to answer in one lightening and two claps of thunder... then I would know the deep secrets I was asking of Him... but He always seemed to answer.  He never dismisses a child... one looking to Him for reasurance.   I remember driving after my grandmother died and wondering why... I was angry with Him back then...

...but after a long journey He brought my soul home to Him...

Now my life is a training ground... one where there are valleys and plains along with the mountain tops...  It seems like it's been a long time since I drifted in the clouds... but I know they are there... waiting for me.

"But it is a different story when we consider the spiritual life. No one but God through His Spirit is able to stir up spiritual desire among us. Those who have accepted a common state of spiritual living and have no deep desire for Him will never be stirred by human means." Tozer

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