Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wisdom in Faith...

"Within the oldest books of the Bible is the story of Job. This book is the account of a righteous man who is allowed to suffer enormous loss, grief, and difficulty. Job pleaded for God to reveal why he was suffering but God did not answer Job's questions. Instead, God pointed to His own creation, power, and knowledge. In this way Job was reminded to trust God and his purposes."
"As part of this dialogue, God asked Job if he had ever entered the springs of the sea. We now know there are such springs off the coasts of Greece, Italy, Israel, Syria, and Australia. In 1976, the U.S. Geological Survey also found fresh water in the Atlantic Ocean along the seacoast from New England to Georgia. How could the writer of the book of Job, which was written thousands of years before ocean exploration, have known there were fresh water springs in the sea?
"   (Taken & Adapted from, 'A Study Course in Christian Evidences' Page 128

I got the above quoted literature in a daily devotion that I receive and thought how interesting this was.  You know we often just 'read' the Bible, yes I do believe that we get a blessing from reading it and looking into His word for direction, courage, revelation and encouragement... of course, but there is some really interesting historical and archeological facts as well. 

It just show's me once again how little I am in the whole scheme of things... how unimportant a lot of 'stuff' really is... how small the world is... and how big and great my God is.  There is wisdom in faith in God because He is creator of all...

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