Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Love In A Mist

It's a flower... yes, Love in a Mist is a name of a flower... interesting isn't it?  I was just looking around in my seed packs and realized I still had a pack of these seeds from a few years ago.  There is a trick to getting them to grow... which I have never succeeded in doing by the way. The seeds need to be go through a winter... a cold spell.  The seed packets say that you can 'trick' the seeds into believing they went through this by simply putting the seeds in the freezer for a few weeks and then planting them.  I tried it but didn't succeed... oh well it's not the first thing I tried and didn't succeed at. 

There are lots of things that we can relate to this, the tricking thing that is.  Sometimes we think someone is a friend, but they are not. There may a situation where you have trusted someone and come to find out they were not sincere or trustworthy with what you have shared... life is full of hurts.  Although there is one that will never trick us or betray us... that person is Jesus.  He cares for us beyond words... beyond actions... beyond expectations... He is ever faithful and He is the best friend you can ever find.  Even when we have not been faithful to Him as we should be... there is no love in a mist with Him... His love is ever perfect and more importantly... it's free to any that ask.... with Jesus life is full of joys that help us along with the hurts.

"Do not be anxious, said our Lord, have peace from day to day.  The lilies neither toil nor spin, yet none are clothed as they.  The meadowlark with sweetest song fears not from bread or nest, because he trusts our Father's love, and God knows what is best."  Helen Steiner Rice

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