Friday, June 29, 2012

I love to see them smile....

"My child, nothing could replace the loving smile upon your face." author unknown

The last couple weeks we have been dealing with some ailments, and we have had some grumpy people... My sweet little Evan & Aaron have runny noses, sore throats and a deep cough... I hate to see them sick, it just breaks my mommy heart! Aaron just looks at me with his big blue eyes, not being able to figure out why his noes is so stuffed up, and then Evan, so little with such a big cough... his eyes plead with me to make it all better as I rock him... if only I could I would take it all upon myself for them... oh the love of a mother.

We have six children whose ages range from eighteen years old down to 21 months... we are a busy home stead in many stages of the 'training game' to say the least.
As a parent a smile is so much more pleasant to look at & to give, than a frown... although we must occasionally frown on some of our children's behaviors, we cannot turn the other way and disregard... Yes the little ones may be sad for a moment, but in the long run they will be a much happier person, not to mention our greater joy! Children are people too and they have their good and bad days, just as we parents do. Children are so very needy... they need our love along with our chastisement... they need a hug along with an occasional stern word... they need to know security in their home... they need food & shelter... they need to know we pray for them... they need to know the Lord through father and mother.

When we have those grumpy days right along with the good days, our children need to see our faith in Him... that we turn to Him in all things... that we trust Him with everything... they need to see us on our knees... Only then will they be able to have a faith that grows, a trust that is deeply rooted and a personal relationship with Him.

"I have no greater joy than to know that my children walk with the Lord..."
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