Thursday, April 5, 2012


What do you think of when you think of Peace?

 A few Sunday's ago our minister was talking about an art teacher that gave his students an assignment to paint a picture of Peace.  Several of the students painted serene pictures of calm water scenes, other's painted beautiful fields of flowers while others painted majestive moutain scapes with beautiful sunsets.  Well, one student's painting was quite different.  It was of a terrible storm, with pouring rain & howling winds whipping things around.  But when one looked closly into the main tree of the scene there was a mother bird with wings spread over several fledglings.  The mother obviously protecting her young from the storm showed no sign of fear, just a calm peace. The bird obviously trusting in 'Someone' higher. The instructor and the class looked in awe at this master 'piece'. 

The moral of the 'painting' was that even when the storms of life tear the world around us apart, when we are sheltered under the wings of a Saviour we 'can' have peace.

"No Jesus, no peace.  Know Jesus, know peace...."

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